About Wheelton

Local Authorities - Who Does What?

County Councils

Wheelton Parish Council comes under Lancashire County Council who have responsibility for:

  • Children, education and families
  • Health and social care
  • Transport and travel
  • Roads, pot holes, repairs and gritting
  • Recycling centres
  • Fire and public safety
  • Flooding
  • Libraries and archives
  • Trading standards
  • Births, marriages and deaths

For information on County Council services:

Website: www.lancashire.gov.uk
Phone: 0300 123 6701
Email: [email protected]

District Councils

Wheelton Parish Council comes under Chorley Council who has responsibility for:

  • Collection of council tax
  • Bins, litter and recycling collection
  • Housing
  • Planning applications
  • Environmental health including noise and dog nuisances
  • Leisure centres and play areas
  • Parks and allotments

For more information on District Council Services:

Website: www.chorley.gov.uk
Phone: 01257 515151
Email: [email protected]

Parish Councils

Parish Councils are set up and controlled by law and can only act if there is a legal power to do so. Parish Councils are often consulted on County and District issues such as planning applications, road improvements and changes to public transport. Parish Councils can provide vital local knowledge such as flooding concerns and transport and access problems.

Parish Councils are being encouraged to deliver more services and can also support local community groups and provide community activities. They also ensure that the principle authorities are aware of local concerns such as problems with potholes, highway visibility, litter and dog fouling.